sWeather 1.0.4

Check weather conditions anywhere in the world


  • Support for several cities
  • Places an informative icon on the system tray
  • Extended information view


  • You have to obtain the WOEID code manually


sWeather is a handy weather forecast tool that brings weather data about any location in the world righ to your desktop.

After unzipping the program file anywhere on your hard drive (no installation required) sWeather launches and automatically runs in the background, placing a descriptive icon on the system tray to show the current weather conditions in the selected city. Hovering your mouse over the icon will display a tool-tip with more information.

sWeather can be configured to obtain weather information from multiple cities, though you have to enter their WOEID code besides their name. To obtain this code, you’ll need to check the city’s page on Yahoo! Weather, the service from which sWeather extracts the data.

Among the information displayed in sWeather, you’ll find temperature, pressure, humidity, visibility and wind. The data is displayed only for the selected city, but clicking the Expanded View will show a table with data from all the cities you’ve entered in settings.

sWeather is a highly detailed, very useful weather forecast tool for your desktop.



sWeather 1.0.4

User reviews about sWeather

  • by Anonymous

    Simple app, does what I wanted.
    Simple, and does what I wanted - sits in the System Tray and displays the basics...   More